Friday, May 14, 2010

Big day preps - how do YOU do it?

Heyy, Beautifuls!!
Do you sometimes get this song going round and round in your head and you just can't stop humming it, or playing it again and again on Youtube? I've got a serious case of Umbrellitis Rihannosus :) ella.. ella.. ay.. ay..

So while she struts her stuff in that almost illegal outfit, I type away in air conditioned comfort waiting for my face mask to dry off. It is such a comfort to not have an alarm screaming in my ears at the crack of dawn, force down some calories (I'm not a morning person, as you might have guessed), slap on all that gooey gunky sunscreen and dash for the office.

I have a big day coming up tomorrow. A major function, a lot of social and professional acquaintances to confront, and I want to look as good as I possibly can. Now some of you would just pick up the phone and dial up an appointment with the nearest VLCC. Not me. Congenital cheapskate that I am, I do all my spa-ing at home. I did my own wedding makeup, for goodness sake! Wherever there's a buck to be saved, I'm right there in the forefront doing my bit. I have some cautionary tales too, all personal experience, of parlor jobs gone bad. The day I post those photos, you'll all swear off going to the parlor for life.

Coming back to the point (I always do, eventually :P) The first step is to douse your hair in oil. No hot mask, no cream, no mousse, just oil, preferably coconut. It's proven to be absorbed right into the hair shafts, making your hair soft and strong. The Beauty Brains blog has some pretty informative posts on coconut oil for hair. I couldn't find my Vatika bottle. We've moved recently, and haven't unpacked fully yet. So I had to compromise with this Bajaj Almond drops hair oil. To tell the truth, its 300% more vitamin E claims sound a bit far fetched, because they never did tell me 300% of how much, for example, if other oils used for comparison had no vitamin E, then just a little bit of elementary Mathematics will do full Bhaanda Phod of this oil too!! :)

Next step, wash the face. I do this after applying my hair oil, because whatever grease has leaked down onto my forehead will get washed off leaving a clean slate for my mask. I like to use Garnier skin naturals gentle face wash with fruit AHAs, because it really is very gentle, and won't cause that feeling of tightness after use. My face is anyway bound for quite an ordeal, and I don't want something harsh right at the first step.

For the face mask, I have quite a few options currently in circulation in my stash of products. For today, I took up with Hesh Natur-Riche skin tone up powder. Mixed with Dabur Gulabari rose water and dabbed on thickly (especially on the nose), it dries up within 15 minutes and should be washed off soon after because you don't want something that tight to be clinging on to your skin for too long.

Now the deviation from the norm: I don't use a facial scrub. Most scrubs based on walnut or apricot, have particles too large and too rough for delicate facial skin. A mud pack on the other hand, is effective enough to remove dead skin and dirt without hurting the skin precisely because its particles are so fine and tiny. Multani Mitti, which you'll find in most face masks, is particularly suited to the job. Those of us who've used it are familiar with its smooth, almost slippery texture; no roughness at all. However, it is grainy on a microscopic level, and it will exfoliate like a charm. The Hesh pack is inclined to be somewhat gritty because of the other ingredients (Masoor dal most likely), so once it dries, I splash on some water to wash off the larger pieces and scrub very gently for a minute or so with what's left. The resultant rosiness amazes me every time.

(Dunno why I look so grumpy!)

Next in the list is a rather dicey thing, which I guess I used today simply for its gimmick value :) The product in question (questionable product :P) is Everyuth's golden glow peel off home facial. It's a gluey, gummy mess with little specks of mica glitter which you apply thickly on the face, and pull off when it's dry. Probably works on the same principle as those blackhead nose strips, but all said and done, I'd rather NOT use it again. Applying and drying and admiring the glitter is all okay, but it hurts too much to pull it off, and I'm not sure that something so painful could be good for my skin. Besides, I don't like worthless additions and doubtful claims. The gold glitter is just mica, it won't remain on your skin or do anything in the way of providing a glow, and I have my face highlighters to do that job anyway.

The end approacheth, thankfully. I soothe, moisturize and de-oil (is that even a word?) all at once with - what else - the almighty Lacto Calamine, and we're done! The face, that is.

By now the hair oil has been here long enough to have done its job and next up is a nice, luxurious shower with your wash-time favorites followed by my body spa cum lawnmowing process. The shave comes after the shower because it's easier to get rid of fur that's all waterlogged and softened up, and you don't want to wash off the moisturizer.

This is my routine prep for big days, works well enough for me. I'm always willing to tweak it this way or that, though, so if you have your own pet tricks for looking great before a special occasion, do tell me in the comments!


Ki said...

You did you own wedding makeup?! That's my biggest dream :D my wedding's in december btw! why don't you do a wedding tutorial? or have you? :O

Mukho said...

Hey Ki!
Congrats on your approaching nuptials :)
Wedding tute, huh? Hmm, worth thinking about. Although I was just a newbie when I did my wedding m/u, still, it's worth posting about. Especially the part about "less is more" :)
Ok, I guess I'll make that my next post :)

Palak said...

you had me in splits with your animated post.
I really admire your writing style.
Multani mitti as exfoliant sounds very good.
Will try it soon :)

Mukho said...

Thanks, Palak :)
What I admire about you is how makeup-savvy you are, and so young too! I was an unadulterated geek at your age :P

Ki said...

yay thank you :D

I would go with 'less is more' I'm just twenty! :P

Mukho said...

Yes, Ki :)
None of that red glittery eyeshadow for us :D

Mrunmayee said...

Hi Mukho... You have an interesting blog..

The post is really funny and quirky...

I am also doing my own makeup at my engagement... Hope it goes well...

Lawnmowing???? :rotfl:

Mukho said...

Hi Mrunmayee :)
Thanks for visiting and for commenting and for all your kind words :)
Congrats on getting engaged. You must be having a lot of fun hunting around for the perfect engagement makeup! I know I did :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Mukho,
Why are there no posts for a long time now? I regularly check your blog for new posts. You write so well...God bless you.

Mukho said...

Hey Rajeshwari...
Thanks for such encouraging words.. I ve been going thru some tough times, but I ll be making a slow come back now onwards :)

p.s. the apostrophe button on hubby s old dell inspiron has stopped working, hence the pathetic grammar :P