Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess who came to visit...again! ... a.k.a. - Monkey pictures!

Last August, my husband went to the United States on a short term business trip. One fallout of that I've already mentioned in my previous post (Joppa Minerals,Hallelujah!). The other, equally pleasant outcome was that my paranoid family members (Mom, Dad, Hubby) being not at all convinced that I could spend any length of time alone in Chennai, packed me off to an unexpected Mumbai vacation. Of course I lost a month's pay, but that's nothing compared to the sheer joy of coming home. While I was there, I discovered that my favourite close relatives have learnt a bunch of new tricks. They no longer have to depend on bamboo frameworks which u only get when the building's being painted, they can now climb like spiderman all the way to the third floor getting good hand grips in bumps and crevices! Rather creepy, Gollumy, methinks. And because in the months after that previous post I've graduated from the old film roll Kodak to a cute little Canon A570, I can furnish instant gratification:

Oh look! Bananas! Oh no! A pesky human! Oh how annoying! That darned human's gone and closed the balcony door :( Oh nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! A camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To leap or not to leap... that is the question.

Hmmm... there might be a teeny little goof up in the parts assembly ...

...good, I've got it on its side; now give it a turn, and - Eureka!! I've invented the wheel!!!!

All this monkeying around is giving me a headache - time to go home now, I guess.

Yep! I've looked everywhere. No more peanuts. Definitely time to go home.

We buy a lot of peanuts, they're very healthy for snacks. But sometimes we'll get a bad batch. Infested with aspergillus. Those ones we don't just dump in the rubbish, we use them to fertilise our little effort at fighting climate change in the balcony. Obviously, we never budgeted for this gang of freeloaders looking for an easy lunch. We live in a city - in Bombay, for goodness sake. Anyway, these critters may look cute and all, but they're wild animals and very dangerous. I was alone at home at the time, the balcony doors were wide open and if I hadn't been alerted beforehand by their screeching, they could have ruined and rampaged all over the house. A gang of angry monkeys confronting a defenseless human can maul him beyond recognition, leave alone the aftermath of unknown infections and rabies. So all in all, I had a very lucky escape. We now leave all the doors and windows securely shut even when we're at home, unless someone is actually in a particular room. We also got firm wire mesh installed on the windows that we can't close.

Moral of the story? Wildlife close-up photography is best left to Discovery Channel. :)

Bye, and hope u all enjoyed the pics :)


Ranjini said...

Nice to a bit of Anushakti Nagar there :)...I really miss that place. Do your parents stay at Kailas even now?

Mukho said...

Hi Ranjini :)
This is really late to be replying to your comment, but I'd been on a rather long hiatus and I've just resuscitated the blog... again!
About Kailas, no, we left that in '95. These photos were snapped in Shantiniketan. I so miss the place. I have painful dreams about it. My parents retired, they're now in Navi Mumbai.
Do keep dropping in :)