Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nail color shot hybridized with book review

Yuck for the fag end of the weekend. I feel like I've been working nonstop for the last ten years. And when the much anticipated two day weekend finally arrives, the powers decide to keep hubby in office till unearthly hours. So no carousing for this cat. I gotta hike my big fat rear end out of bed and off to work at six am tomorrow. And yes, I know what Ayn (Dominique) said, that if you love your work it doesn't seem like work. Ok, I do enjoy the teaching and writing and all that, but who said I gotta enjoy a two hour, 60 kilometer bus ride in the devil's chariot rattler express whose suspension conked off like in the seventeenth century, and which gives you a tantalising choice of dislocating your intervertebral discs in the back seats, or sitting in the front seats and sweating your make-up and hairdo off so you look like a freshly minted scarecrow when you arrive.
That's my weekly whine nicely rounded off :) Coming back to the post title, I recently went through this lovely book by Linda Wells - Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor, where she's very nicely revealed beauty stuff she's learned in her years and years as editor of Allure. I particularly liked one of her tricks, so perfect for congenital clumsies like me - don't bother tearing your hair out trying to apply the perfect nailpolish. Just "color outside the lines" ;) ;) (p'keepsie pudding, anybody?) as much as you like at night-time, and in the morning when you shower, scrape off the extra polish from your fingertips! Me likes!

(Image courtesy of

(With flash)

(Without flash)

(Color detail. And no you suspicious zoink, my fingers aren't clubbed, it's the camera angle)

This here is another one of those "And" brand nail colors I bought some time back at Pantaloonz, the beigey one I was rhapsodizing about in a previous post. Dunno if the photo captures it, but it has a very fine gold shimmer too, glimmers elusively where the light catches it. I'm wearing it to work tomorrow, I guess folks should render up heartfelt thanks that I finally had the sense to wear something subdued on my fingernails :D Only one problem. The consistency being thick and lacquer like, and me being severely afflicted with klutzophrenia. In the circumstances, it would have been wiser to restrain the eager hand before that second coat. Live and learn, Billydoc, live and learn... So - all u beautiful ladies - what plans? Watz ur nail color for this week? Refined or Rocking?


MandyPandy said...

I'm still trying to decide between a glimmery nude or a glittery red...

Mukho said...

I take the cake for laggard replies, what? ;) So which one was it finally? :) :)

BeautyTalk said...

Hey girl,

Come back to the blogging world ASAP! :)

An Indian's makeup musings said...

Hey Mukho !
Where've you been?
Could you shoot me an email ?
Cant wait to hear from you!
Thanks girl
Love ,
Indian Girl