Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tagged - All about my beauty booty!!!

Once upon a time, a lazy bum blogger went to Mumbai on vacation. That was yesterday. Today's update is, my plane reached Chennai on time for once (don't u hate it when a plane gets six hours late, u reach home at 4 a.m. and have to get up again at 6 a.m. cos u gotta go to worrrrk) and I finally got a dekko at my MD degree... aah, so that's what cloud nine looks like :) :) Funny how u pass an exam in May and they send u proof in April - of the next year. Meandering apart, this one's for the awesome Beauty talk - I remember u tagged me dear, only u gotta contend with my awesome procrastinability!

Here it is, in all its jumbled glory, a bit of this and a bit of that, the goshdarned expensive sharing centrestage with cheapo paradise stuff that nevertheless delivers superb quality:
  • My Foundation: This is truly the best make up ever formulated for Indian skin, price be d_mned. I hunted high and low for the perfect foundation for my wedding, and Ambar moisturising make up lasted all night, did not melt, flake or crease, didn't dry my skin, didn't make me break out, didn't turn ashy and the shade melded into my skin like it wasn't there. It also hid my "ruin everything at the last moment" pimples without having to use concealer. The best thing about this one is that it doesn't have a trace of that ghastly red pigment everyone, including Lakme, Revlon and Chambor, is guilty of using in "fair" skin shades. Makes me look like a boiled beetroot, bleaghh. Oh, and it cost all of 40 bucks.
  • My Mascara: Heh, I got lashes that do the windshield wiper act on my glasses, coating them nicely with sunscreen and moisturiser. I don't think anyone's had such well cared for spectacles. Anyway, I use mascara only to get my lashes back to their coal black color after applying eyeshadow (spills over into the lashes), and Lakme nine to five seems to be ok for the job.
  • My Blush: Maybelline expertwear in berry sorbet and precious pink. I'm also lovin my recent LA COLORS haul, they got some naayice blush colors.
  • My Day Cream: Eh? Cream on my zit prone face? No way, dude! Lotus safe sun sunblock in spf 30 is my holy grail of skin care. Also, this one is real good for oily skin - Lotus Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturiser.
  • My Lipstick: Okay... I got like... umm... five hundred shades? Oh alright, not that many, but If I had to name one, it would be Lakme starshine lipgloss.
  • My Beauty Product Brand: The one I gotta use or the one I'd love to use? Brand by default would be Lakme, cos it is, after all, India's biggest name. Love to use... oh let me think... any of u guys ever heard of this brand called M.A.C.? Yeah, I guess not. It's a rather obscure line, but I'll let u all in on a secret - One day I'm going to get rich, and u all better hoard up ur faves, cos there won't be any left for u then.
  • My Essential Beauty Product: Sunscreen. Chapstick. Sunscreen. Chapstick. Sunscreen. Chapstick. Sunscreen. Chapstick.
  • My Favorite Makeup Product: Black eyeliner.
  • My Perfume: Romance. Oh not the one u all are thinking about. This is one more WMD from my Cheapo Paradise arsenal. Manufactured by an Indian company, eminently affordable and longlasting, a light, not floral, not spicy, not sweet, but extremely sultry and mysterious scent that's got me more compliments than I can count.
  • My Nails: Anything. More the color than the brand, I guess, but Lakme fireworks used to be my one and only until I developed this penchant for multicolored nails.
  • My Feet: Sunscreen in the daytime. Mannings shea butter reconditioning hand cream at night. Ok, so what's good for the hands ought to be good for the feet. It isn't like I'm half human and half Martian, lolz.
  • My Hands: Ditto :)
  • Three Products to bring on a deserted island: What a no-brainer: Sunscreen, Chapstick and Eyeliner anytime.
  • Women I admire for their beauty: Past: Suchitra Sen. Current: Kate Winslett.
  • Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Nafisa Ali
  • My Ultimate Dream: I got the degree and the husband. Now if I could just have the paycheck... Oh ok, I got that too. Wish it were a bit fatter, though ;)
  • How Do I Define Womanhood: Please see this post. And Thou shalt know all.
  • My Favorite Fashion Publication: He he, what a dud this one's going to be. I've only ever read one issue of one fashion mag, and I can't remember its name!

There. The lazy bum blogger's done her good deed for the day, and can now go pig out in the food court.


Anu said...

congratulations on getting everything sorted out for your degree. heaven know the paperwork on mine will also take forever. really fun post to read btw.

Mukho said...

Thanks, Anu! Yes, especially with these municipal colleges, for my experience certi I had to make the rounds for a whole year, and then too, they gave it to me so late I nearly missed my flight! Hope everything works out smoothly for your degree. Which stream do you pursue?

BeautyTalk said...

You are so cute! I love your commentary :) Is MAC super expensive in India?

Anonymous said...

This post is great! I love to read about peoples fave makeup products and brands. But, why did you call M.A.C obscure? They're really famous, always releasing new collections. You should check out Temptalia. It's a great site for M.A.C addicts!

Mukho said...

Hey Beautytalk! Thanks :) Yeah, one US dollar translates into 40 rupees or thereabouts, making a bottle of MAC foundation unreachable at 1450 bucks! Lucky you, u get to put on all the goodies... lemme live vicariously thru u :)

Mukho said...

Hey Anonymous! Thanks for visiting, do keep dropping in :) About MAC being obscure, that was my lame attempt at making a joke :P I know its THE brand for makeup, only I can't afford it right now, sigh...

Mukho said...

And oh, I love Temptalia. Check it out everyday :)

Anu said...

im doing my masters in international elations. wow, that seems like you had quite the merry go round. id be demanding blood by then lol. i cant wait to graduate *fingers crossed*