Thursday, April 10, 2008

visiting professor ;)

lololololz!!!! :) :) :)

Guess w
ho strolled into my epidemiology class today? The sweetest little brown, black and white doggy!!!

U better believe ur eyes and thank ur lucky stars that I'd chosen this day to carry my trusty little A570 to work :)
This cutie had a uniformed security guy in hot pursuit, but no effect. He was hunting around in the corridors, and this smart girl quietly tiptoed into my classroom and found refuge behind the first benchers!! :) :) Just look at the pose, u can just about hear her say "sshhhhhhhh... don't tell him I'm here... " ROFL, to boot!

The students were amused, some were distracted, some plain scared (after all, who wants FIVE needlepricks) so I went to summon help, which arrived in the form of my colleague and that scoorty guy :)

Funny about the dog, though... wasn't aggressive or scared at all. Just kept sliding between our legs with the most adorable expression in her melting eyes (aww... won't u let me stay awhile? please... pretty please??)

We finally managed to lure her out with a series of gentle "pooch pooch" noises. Poor thingy, was just lookin for some tender tender luuuurve :) :) :)

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ilovecheese said...

Awww cute doggie..poor thing, wish I could keep it! Sweet lil thing, did you see her after that? I have the same camera too! It rocks totally, doesn't it?