Monday, April 14, 2008

no go's at work

its 10.51 pm. I gotta hike out of bed at 6.25 tomo. then comes a frenzied bath (or two, given the chennai heat), make tea, breakfast, try to wolf it down, fail to resist temptation of lazing with newspaper, pack lunch, realize i'm late, elbow the bai out of bathroom so i can change, slather on sunscreen (dat i aint gonna miss, babe'z) run for te bus, settle down for a one hour, 30 km long journey on the chennai pondy highway to where my med coll's located.

so a quik list of no no's at work ( or at home, or in the mall)

  1. eyebrows growing luxuriantly all over te place (thats wat tweezers were made for - use 'em)
  2. gooky moustache - bleach, tweeze, shave, wax (ok, probably not wax - cant summon up te guts)
  3. two month old cracked, chipped and dusty nailpolish - belongs in the dustbin, not on nails, ha!
  4. talcum powder - vibrantly creased in ur neck - blend it!!
  5. sleeveless top + no seat in bus + hanging on to the top rod + u know what- EEURRGGHHHH!!!!
  6. breakfast menu clearly written - between ur teeth, lolz!
No time for make-up? A little basic maintenance job goes a long way!! :) :)

p.s. howzzat for a short quick postlet?


ilovecheese said...

Postlet is now my favourite word :)
Man, that's some list in the morning..heh
Chennai is *really* hot man, sticky hot, tough to manage! Doesn't your m/u fall off after a few hours?

Mukho said...

Right u are! especially prone to makeup slippage on a 30 km journey. so i use only sunscreen during te bus ride, and take a "long" ;) bathroom break wen i reach coll, and come out all made up and nowhere to go (except class, lolz)! :) :)

ilovecheese said...

Lol! me spend 2 mins wearing my clothes, and 20 mins perfecting my m/u! BTW I'm rocking metallic pink today, to go with my embroidered pink Biba kurta (which is one of the two kurtas that I own. Yes, I'm breaking away from the prescribed Bangalore dress code.)!
And babe..we use m/u for our pleasure, we don't need an occasion to wear it, it "becomes" an occasion when we do! rock on my fav doctor!