Monday, April 21, 2008

Green eyed!

Hey everybody!
Here are some pics of a green eye I tried with my substitute for MAC's golden olive pigment and a nameless cheap-stuff e/s palette. Ended up poking myself in the eye with my new angled brush, and getting late for the mall cos I was busy snapping, ma!
Anyway, I was pretty happy with the result :)

Diana of London has this e/s range in "Bright Light", (please see also this post and this one). I tried to find their website, no luck. Only got this:
"Diana of London (From the Tribune, online edition, Oct. 22, 2003, Chandigarh)
Maxcare International, makers of cosmetics, have launched ‘Diana of London’ range in India. The products claim the makers are affordable and eco-friendly.
The company is aiming for a spot in the “huge Indian cosmetics market”. The products will be out in the market by next week at major chain stores like Ebony, Shoppers’ Stop and Lifestyle. With prices ranging from Rs 95 to Rs 375, Diana of London is positioned for upper middle and high-end consumers.
The manufacturers assert that their products are friendly to the skin as well as the environment and do not contain animal fat."
During my last much lamented haul, I also grabbed this beautiful beautiful catalogue of DoL, and... wait a mo - hey, they got their website link right there, on the back page! Funny how google misleads one sometimes. Ok, so I just went for a visit, and although parts of the site are under construction, they have some pretty nice product views. Unfortunately, they are yet to upload the one I want to talk about today. So u'll have to be satisfied with this macro shot of the product from the yummy colorful catalogue (I just loooooove catalogues, snagged a Lakme summer cat from Health and Glow yesterday, gotta write soon about Health and Glow, my favourite :) beauty shop)

So the pics u see are of my freshly made up (and slightly watery, courtesy of the poking :P) peepers, sorry no full face shot, hubby no like; please adjust, I am like that only nooooo, :)

Stuff I used:
  • Face: (or what little u can see of it, lol) Revlon skinlights face illuminator lotion spf 15 in pink light mixed with Lotus Herbals ALPHAMOIST™ Alpha Hydroxy Skin RenewalOil-Free Moisturiser, and Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder, Fragrance Free, in Ivory 205
  • Eyebrow: Tweezers, scissors, and a comb :)
  • Eyelid: No primer, my eye colours stay on nicely without 'em, and anyway, I'm such a newbie, wouldn't know what do do with it if I had it :)
  • PJs apart: Browbone: White shade from my nameless cheap 12 color palette
  • Lid: Concentrated near the lashline and blended upwards upto the browbone, DoL Bright Light e/s in Green Star 06
  • Crease: Brown shade from my nameless cheap 12 color palette :P
  • Upper lashline: Revlon eyeliner pencil in 14 green
  • Lower lashline: Revlon eyeliner pencil in 14 green with a light dusting of that brown shade, both done only on the outer two-thirds
  • Lashes: Lakme nine to five Intense Volume Mascara
  • Tools: All Vega: Sponge tip for the highlight, round tip for color application and blending, angular tip for crease work, lower lid lining and poking the eye.
Kept my lips nude becoz the eyes were colorful enough, using only Lakme Happy Hour Lipcolor D510 Ritu Beri, with a very tiny smudge of Revlon streetwear lipgloss in 40 Awesome. Oh, and in case u all think I ended up looking anaemic/ghostly/vampire-like, I did use blush :) Maybelline expertwear in 60 Berry Sorbet. I gotta practice at this laying out the list business.
My precious brushes

So I've ended up becoming a fan of the green eye look, but no go - gold is, was and will be for all time, my faaaaaavourite color :)
Ciao, only 5 more days till the weekend :)


Mukho said...

hello testing! just chekin to see if blogger's bein mean and not letting anyone comment, or if I've done something moronic without realizing...

ilovecheese said...

Blogger was very mean....didn't let me finish commenting!
Your eyes are very very pretty, and the eyebrows are to die for! Lashes don't need mascara either, enviable.

Mukho said...

He he, what can I say but thanks, thanks, any more and the channey ka jhad will collapse under me ;)

ilovecheese said...

Aww..looking forward to more looks and channa recipes from you ;)

ilovecheese said...

And yeah, to make sure eye-shadows(called e/s) stay longer in the summer, use a simple primer - chapstick, yes, that's right, simple regular lipbalm (or vaseline) lightly on the lid and then apply the e/s. Try, it really worked!

BeautyTalk said...

You have such pretty eyes. It's the bong genes :)

Mukho said...

Thanks, beautytalk.. I'm learning to highlight my good features - thanks to generous tips from bloggers like you! :)

An Indian's makeup musings said...

Oohh I love Revlon 14 Green too !!! looks awesome !

Mukho said...

@ Ilovecheese:
right regular bin of ideas, aincha? :) me likes, me likes...

Mukho said...

Hey Indian's makeup musings!

They had two green eye pencils. One matte and the other in shimmer. I went for the cheaper matte item, but imo the color of this one is way brighter and more vivid (the shimmer one's a clayey blue type rather than real green)and I can get it to shine real nice just by dipping the pencil in a bit of gold e/s!