Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If wishes were horses

Hello, my long-suffering friends. This is a broadcast coming to you straight from Mumbai, the best (and currently sweatiest) city in the world. I'm here enjoying my earned leave, and earning every moment of it being the laziest bum in creation. I thought I'd post something new, but I happened to glance through my unpublished drafts and found this diamond in the rough dating back to my ranting doctor days. This blog, believe it or not, is four years old, which in blogging parlance is as ancient as Methuselah. Still, I won't really claim any laurels, knowing that quite a chunk of that was spent hibernating. Anyway, for old time's sake, here goes:

I am very angry. I had no plan at all of writing this one now or anytime in the near future. I've a thesis to complete, for heaven's sake! However, since Blogger beta is determined not to let me republish my settings changes and has thus vanished the status button from my window, I'm forced to use this means. Hopefully when I republish to get this posting online, my settings will get republished too....

Now no one get the wrong idea, I have the extremely privileged position of Resident Doctor at a top-class medical school in the best city in the world. Still as the song goes -

"Shikayat hai Shikayat hai Shikayat hai
Mujhko dil se yehi shikayat hai
Jo usko mil nahin sakta
Kyon uski chaahat hai
Shikaayat hai... "

I hanker after precisely what I can't attain :)

Fine for philosophical posturing, but some wishes are best left unfulfilled...

I walk through my lush green colony's roads on my way home everyday, exhausted, sweaty, cursing my fate and my salary. I see these street dogs luxuriously stretched out in the exact center of the road... sheer indifference to traffic embodied in every grubby hair.

I also see them sprawled all over my hospital campus. There's one who's earless, and seems to have made a permanent resting (and peeing) place out of the recess under the ground floor staircase. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him around in a while. Then there's the uncrowned king of the canteen entrance, a great favorite of the gynaec crowd. Saw what looked like the newest of the breed a couple of days ago. He'd have been quite cute if he wasn't the embodiment of canine Kwashiorkor. Come to think of it, since they all sport the inverted V tattoo of BMC sterilisation, this regular arrival of young blood makes me wonder what those vets are really doing. Population explosion aside, they're really quite amiable little fellows, much nicer anyway than certain humans of my acquaintance. I'll miss 'em. Look at me, getting sentimental about stray dogs! Where's a shrink when you need him?

So, the point I was trying to make, and I was sure I'd meander more or less to it some time in this century, is, there are two kinds of Residents in my hospital. Resident docs, and Resident dogs. Actually, I'm rather convinced that we should do away entirely with the first nomenclature and stick uniformly to the second, seeing as we both enjoy pretty much the same status.

There are three kinds of freedom that my doggy friends enjoy, and I don't, that have specifically caught my attention.

  1. They sleep in the corridors, on the benches, and on top of cars in the car park. I'd be grateful if I could just get some sleep, never mind where.
  2. They enjoy unrestricted lavatorial rights over each and every passageway in the building. A bright yellow pool of piddle is quite a refreshing sight first thing in the morning, but you know me, I like a change of scenery once in a while. I just wish I was bold enough to make do with an open space (especially that time in the rural Primary Health Center when I had diarrhoea and the only available toilet had no water and no door).
  3. They... em, you know, socialize... quite freely, with their lady friends, preferably with at least 27 doctors, patients, ward boys and nurses in attendance. What I'd do with such freedom - err... lets change the subject, shall we?
And that's why I said, that some wishes are best left unfulfilled :D

p.s.- Before making pawns out of doctors and banishing them to rural health centers, our bosses might consider building a couple of working order toilets in said centers.

p.p.s- In keeping with the spirit of nostalgia permeating this post, here's a pic from my resident days, it was taken at a municipal school in Dharavi. Educating. This is work I love.

p.p.p.s- My hand's in a cast. Radial styloiditis. I'll give you a chocolate bar if you can pronounce that. I'll give you two if you can teach me to pronounce it.


G.G.G said...

Hey Mukho..

A pretty interesting blog you have..Nice read..I am hooked :-)

Mukho said...

GGG :)
Hello and thanks for visiting and for your kind words too! :) :)

anamika said...

Hey Mukho!!!

First time on your blog...

You seem to be an sensitive person:)

Mukho said...

Hi Anamika :)
Thanks for visiting, and do keep coming back! :)
As for sensitive, no not really, I left that behind once I got a real job and a salary that wasn't peanuts ;)

sbhatte said...

Hi Amita! Why so sensitive about resident dogs? Didnt one of them get "very friendly" at Gautamnagar and then you had to take ARV??
(So you were in Mumbai and we didnt meet up? :( )

Mukho said...

Hey baybz :) :)
It was too hot to stir out of the house :( plus I had to cut short my visit bcos our landlord sold the d_mn house and almost threw us out, so I had to go back in a hurry and move! Living on 9th floor now. Can see all of B'lore from my balcony :) :)