Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tryst with Ancestors

Rain... many blogs, many writers, many ages, many professions... one theme... Rain.

This post was started, more precisely the 1st line of it was written about 2 hours ago, in a contemplative mood. Mist obscuring the mountaintop (don't goggle- there are people living near lakes nestled in mountains, even in Mumbai), breeze bestows moistly gentle kisses on my li..forehead, ad nauseam. Providence has a sense of humour similar to mine. Saved me from the ignominy of waxing lyrical at my age, by sending a troop of monkeys to my window.
Flashback to this morning - me unconscious under blanket, mom reading newspaper in living room, lovely monsoon green everywhere. Mom looks up from paper to see huge monkey on dining table, right in her face, coolly sorting through the clutter. Lady's got guts. Didn't faint or anything. Monkey's got guts too. Saw her freaking out, got up, daintily paced into my room, walked over my blanket and out of the window.

So there we were, windows safely closed, sitting down to a mango festival and of course we got an assembly of hungry spectators. Now these monkeys, we got a score to settle with them. Last week they demolished the netting on our storeroom window and made off with thirty or so full ripe badamis (king of mangoes to ignorant alfonso devotees). The least they could do in return was pose gracefully while I captured them for posterity. Posterity my ass... I've got a splendid closeup of the alpha male scratching his posterior.
Patience, gentle reader... kodak cameras need at least 48 hours to divulge their secrets. So no donut for you; atleast not immediately. I have to take the roll to Jenny's, get it developed, scan the prints and then upload to this hallowed site.

Till then, smell the wet earth, admire the clouds, grow fat on chai and pakodas, sing sentimental love songs, snog your sweetheart in public anonymity at Bandstand... whatever keeps your personal goat well-fed and happy.
Oh, and feel free to write what I didn't. Wax as lyrical as you wish on the breathtaking, soul-sucking beauty of the Indian Monsoon. Its a free country.

p.s. Hey, y'all, this is one of my earliest posts on this blog, dated June 2006. Thought I'd give it a second outing, cos I'm rather fond of it. It's going to remain the top post for some time, bcos I've postdated it. As for the monkey pics, my old Kodak chose that very day to act up, leaving me with blurry stuff not worth uploading. So instead of the star actors, I'm givin u all a dekko at the stage-set up :)

Enjoy the mayday hol, everyone! :) :)


Hitesh Arora said...

i really appreciate ur vision to come up with this blog.
Most importantly i like the name given to this blog.. Keep up the gud work!!!

Amitava said...

hmmm, so even the anthropoid apes visit their friends. ;>)

BeautyTalk said...

I've tagged you!

ilovecheese said...

Awww..beautytalk got here before me!! I've tagged you too, for the 6 quirky things, so begin revealing all these stuff about you as fast you can! Check my blog to see how it's done.
Oh, you totally make me crave for mangoes and monsoon. I looooove Aphoos and am seriously craving some now. The sweet smell of the earth, show me one person who does not like it and I'm ready to beat them with an umbrella.